Saturday, December 8, 2012

{REVIEW} Yoseob 'Caffeine'

Let the illuminati conspiracy freaks come out

Cute lil' Yoseob is showing his grown side and he does well in his solo debut "Caffeine".
What first made me love it was the instrumental from the beginning acoustic part on to the main cool mid tempo r&b beat with the strings and piano is just perfect. Its a cool song but i couldn't help be irritated that he kept saying "You're bad to me just like A caffeine". Can't really count drops of coffee dude let alone the drug within it.
 The song is about how he can't stop thinking about his ex and thoughts of her leave him sleepless, "like a caffeine".(Why couldn't he have said you're like MY caffeine). Then at one point he says "In order to fall asleep, i showered again". If i take a shower i come out refreshed and ready to take on the day. I guess things affect people differently unless that was translated wrong.
As for the video, he definitely still looks cute but he's definitely rocking those suits( except the one looking like its  decorated with cake frosting) and his cool table top dancing and matrixing was a nice touch to the general feel of the song. His interaction with the girl was fine until the fight scene where girl was spazzing clearly mad but he was expressionless when he pushed her and i thought "Show some emotion". But then i see the end of the video where he puts a heart in his chest and i realize he was basically an emotionless shell because she took( broke) his heart and left him cold and now she gave it back to him.
Overall love the video and the song, definitely adding to my evergrowing kpop playlist.
I have yet to listen to his album, The First Collage, but i will be doing that soon because i do love this mans voice.


Unknown said...

have you listened to the full mini album :)

Claud said...

Yes i listened to it and love it. Took me a while to get used to You Dont know because it reminded me of Bruno Mars but i immediately loved all the other songs. My fave is Even then. Which do you like?

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