Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Daesung's Cage is Finally Opened

Daesung finally gets a solo album. And all VIP's can breathe a sigh of relief.
It has been too long since first talk of him releasing a solo album which i believe was back in 2008. And while he has released several singles its great to see him with a full album he can promote solo without BIGBANG. It seemed alot of things held his debut back from the unfortunate events that took place in his life, busy schedules, him and YG apparently disagreeing with his music style and just him being ready to be promote solo.

Now his debut album , due in February, will be a Japanese album with japanese versions of Baby Don't cry and Wings and covers of Jpop songs. Like alot of fans, i'm a little bummed that he won't be releasing new material but at the same time i think its a smart move because he's carrying the fame tied in with these songs including his own and using that to move his solo career forward. I haven't explored jpop that much but i'm hoping the songs are tolerable.  I'm hopeful his long awaited Korean debut will come out soon but  i'm still excited he gets to promote solo until  then and we get to hear his beautiful voice through a full song without Taeyang cutting in. Anxious for February, and more official info on the album, so till then i'll keep myself busy with my favorite Daesung moments:

Chill inducing "This is the moment" performance
His best solo song Baby Dont Cry(I cried)
My favorite Daesung song so far Lunatic (Whats Up OST)


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