Monday, December 3, 2012

{REVIEW} Jungle Fish 2

Jungle Fish 2 is a realistic take on the troubled high school life of a group of friends from 2 different schools. The lead character Min Ho Soo (played by Hong Jong Hyun) is trying to find out the reason behind the suicide of his girlfriend Baek Hyo An( Han Ji Woo)  and along the story we also get to know his friends Seo Yul (T-ara's Jiyeon), classmate and best friend of Hyo An, Lee Ra Yi ( Shin So Yool) an aspiring indie rock singer, Ahn Bawoo ( MBLAQ's Lee Joon) a high school dropout and Yoon Gong Ji (Kim Bo ra) an adorably awkward computer geek who writes horror stories.
  I won't get too much into the story because its short, only 8 episodes but they made each episode worth it and by the end i was satisfied and glad how they ended the story. I got into this mainly to see Lee Joon's acting and he did a very good job but i mostly loved the relatability of the drama and the seriousness of it rather than the usual dramas. There was no cheesy acting(save for few scenes from the guy who acts as the popular kids lapdog) no dragging on of anyone's story and the soundtrack was really good. I did expect to hear the guy version of  "Feeling Sad" sang by Hong Jonghyun and Lee Joon during the drama since i had heard it before i watched it and is still my favorite version. Throughout the show they played the original with Kim Yeo Hee which i also do love and the last episode played the farewell version with the main cast.


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