Friday, December 14, 2012

{Review} Full House 2 Finale

Full House 2 Aired its last episode this week. I have to say that it wasn't as bad as I thought it was going to be. It also wasn't as predictable as I thought earlier. I'll quickly run through some pro's and cons.

  • Tae Ik is actaully really sexy once you get past his ugly hair
  • Jang Man Ok finally straightened her hair
  • Awesome twist in plot with the whole 'Take 2' thing.
  • I actually really liked Jang Man & Tae Ik. They were kind of cute
  • That damn catchy song that I hate to like. *sings* "You can my girl"

  • Tae Iks whole appearance throughout this drama. How dare they take a sexy man and turn him in to a curly head-skinny-jean-wearing pansy. Every time I looked at his little twiggy legs I cringed. Why would they do that to him? In the last episode when he had his hair slicked back in a ponytail, Yum. I love a man in a ponytail. It gets me every time. 
  • Lack of Antagonists. I wish that they didn't just have one antagonist (L.J). There was Se Ryeong and the crazed fans turned journalists. I wish they did more. If you think about it, what did those journalists actually do? Yeah, frenchie followed Kang Wi and took some pics, but did nothing with them. What was their point in the drama. I thought Frenchie would have had a bigger role in the drama. That would have made things a lot more interesting. 
  • Why did Jang Man's Granpa not realize (or have a freaking meltdown) at the fact that there was 0 students in his Dojo? He didn't event mention the fact that his school wasn't running. BOO!!
  • In the beginning I was rooting for Won Kang Hwi, but then he just got annoying and stupid. If you're a freaking millionaire and you know that your going BLIND why the ^*&* would you get mad and try and rebel. "Ooh i'm so mad i'm going blind, why is this happening to me? You know what? I'm so mad, i'm not going to go and help myself by seeking treatment." Dummy. He lost major cool points for his stupidity. 
  • They should NOT have allowed No min woo to sing. OMG. Am I the only one who's ears bled every time he sang?
  • These people are supposed to be filthy rich idols, but none of them act like it. I understand why Kang Hwi was holed up in the basement, but why did Tae Ik have to live in a tent when he was rich enough to buy a whole new house. 
  • That whack kiss in the end booo. Watching this kiss is what led me to write about kpops lack of romantic kisses
Overall this drama was a little dry. It lacked a lot of things, and had too many stupid characters. I wish there was more to it than just the idol part. I wish there was a good love triangle like in the first one. It doesn't matter how many remakes there are the original will always be the best.  


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