Thursday, December 13, 2012

Drama World In Desperate Need Of Kissing Lessons

I have watched ALOT of dramas in my day; ranging from melodrama, historical, rom-com and many more. The plots may differ (some very slightly), actors may change, but one thing that will forever remain constant  is the horrible kissing scenes.

I think along with the producers, writers, camera men, hair and make-up artists, they should consider hiring kissing coaches. This plague of statue kissing has to end. I mean talk about the most unromantic scenes. You wait half the season to watch two people touch theyre lips and look at each other awkwardly. There's no passion, or technique...just two people touching a handshake....with the lips. I understand that Korea is supposed to super conservative and they don't want to promote any kind of whorish behavior... like actual kissing, but come freaking on. Its so disappointing to wait and sit through all 16+ episodes to get a lame lame kiss at the end. If it was a drama about two kids in grade school's first kiss, yes, it would be uber cute and kinda romantic. But these are some grown ass adults. Please stop tormenting us with these horrible kiss scenes

 However there have been some really good-toe-curling-I-wish-my-man-would-kiss-me-like-that kisses in the drama world. Like, Lee Min Ho in Personal Taste and Faith. Gah!!! that man is just tooooooooooo damn sexy.  That "Game Over" kiss in personal taste, I died. The combination of Lee Min Ho and all that romance did me in and I died. 
The Best Kiss though goes to Queen In Hyuns Man. Now this drama has to be the most realistic drama i've ever watched. When a girl likes a guy she's gonna act on it. And I loved how this girl in this drama did. She kissed him I don't know how many times and the kisses just kept getting hotter and hotter. Until Kim Boong Woo put the work on her. This scene was both cute and hot and veeeery passionate. THIS is how two people who love each other are supposed to kiss. 
                                                      Don't skip anything, its all magic


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