Friday, December 14, 2012

{Review} I Miss You : Tears, tears and more stinking tears

Okay I'm not going to do a recap for the last couple episodes because...I don't feel like it. I'll just assume that if you click on this post, you follow the drama well.

So one thing that i'm kind of over in this drama is all the tears. Come on people. At first it was actually sad, but now its just annoying. I'm happy that everyone (that matters) is now aware that Zoe is Soo Yeon. I'm also happy that they didn't make a big deal out of it. Well... that's probably because she doesn't want to come back home. The drama for me  is moving pretty slowly right now. These last two episodes for me were a little "blah".  Nothing too interesting just tears galore.

Soo Yeons omma is...i don't quite understand her. I mean I understand why she send Zoe away but I thought she would be happy to see her daughter again after you thought she was dead for 14 years. I wouldn't give a damn whether she wanted to remain as Zoe or not. The fact is, my daughter, who I treated like shit for most of her life, is alive. I've been given a second chance to make amends with her and I send her away. I don't understand. And then as if sending her away wasn't enough she said " I care about Jung Woo the most." That has to be a serious blow. Your mom just said she cared more about the guy that abandoned you in a warehouse after you got raped. Damn...Her life sucks. Zoe is the one character that when she cries I don't get too upset. She's been through a lot of shit and she ran away from all that and now she has to deal with it at the same time. Honestly I don't understand how you can still have love for someone who abandoned you when you were most vulnerable. Their love makes no sense. They were so young, and they never even got a chance to have an actual relationship. I understand why Jung Woo is fixated on her, mostly out of guilt. But you would think Zoe would have nothing but hate for him. I swear this drama would be a whole different drama if I was the writer.
 Then there's Harry. oh Harry. That boy has some major mommy issues. When he was crying in Zoe's lap talking about " your not ever allowed to leave my side" (Which btw, should have been a psycho alert for Stupid Zoe) he looked so pathetic. He's messing with his father and brother all in his little plan to get revenge. I wonder if he knows his mom is still alive. The ending of episode 12 was creepy. Did you see how she looked at the camera.. *shivers* She looked looney.

So far this drama kind of lost its hold on me. I'm kind of over the whole love story, something big needs to happen soon. Right now i'm most the next hilarious comment Han Jung Woo's partner is going to say.


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