Monday, December 3, 2012

Kpop on Glee

So as many Kpop fans know, Gangnam Style was butchered, i mean performed on Glee. Ok they did fine and props to even singing the korean verse, though Jenna Ushkowitz is Korean American. In this is where i really hear the open condom style everyones been joking about.

But the highlight of the show was the surprise of hearing BIGBANG's Fantastic Baby during the episode. For those who don't care to watch the whole episode the song kicks in about 9 min into the episode when the guys are (horribly) practicing a dance routine for sectionals. Yea not exactly how i'd have wanted the song to be featured but honestly who cares, one of my favorite songs of the year is playing on my TV screen not Youtube so i'm ecstatic.If only this could happen more often.

 I would rather have Kpop be played like this in its true form in America rather than Kpop artists make bad English remakes trying to "break into the US market". We like kpop for what it is, Korean. Add English and it just becomes american pop with an accent and less passion than the original korean version because they're focused on getting the English right. I understand that nobody knows what they're saying so they're trying to be relatable but hey I say be yourselves because its a catch 22 already, sing in Korean with few understanding the song or sing in Engrish and have no one take you seriously. Sadly, its gonna take a while for Asians to be fully accepted into the industry so if anything they should expand that fanbase of people who love their native language music through performances in more places than just LA and New York then as that grows they can worry about catering to people who have never heard of them. That or just have Korean Americans like Ailee or Tasha(Yoon Mi Rae) be the ones with the English songs seeing as they have talent and fluency in English so that they break in the "newness" of having an asian performer( it is still a rarity).


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