Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Moon Geun Young IS BACK: Cheongdamdong Alice Review

*sings* Guess who's back, back, back, 

Moon Geun Young is BACK!!!!
I know i'm not the only one glad to have her cute self back in the drama world. A couple months ago after IU ridiculous "scandal", netizens stripped her of her title and passed it down to MGY...which is just hilarious. Netizens are Anywho... This weekend, the new drama Cheongdamdeong Alice premiered  The drama is about an aspiring fashion designer, Han Se Kyung, who I predict is gonna "sleep her way to the top" to speak. She's get a job at a major fashion company but its a part time job running errands for the presidents madame...who happens to be Han Se Kyung's high school rival. In between running errands for the madame and trying to stand by her tryfilling boyfriend (I'll get to that in a min) she keeps having run-ins with the CEO(Cha Seung Jo, aka Ssha "some whack french name")  of another wealthy fashion/jewelry company.. I really have a hard time finding this guy (Park Shi Hoo) cute. I remember him from prosecutor princess and I was really upset when she choose him over the other sexy, hot, fine, yummy guy. He has his moments but when he does that smile that plastic, I-think-i'm-sexy smile I cringe a little. There's just something about his face that looks soooo fake. Now her boyfriend has racked up a 60,000 dollar debt. He stole some really expensive bags that were damaged (and set to me burned) and sold them to get him mom out the hospital. Being the thoughtful boyfriend that he is, he kept one stolen bag and gave it to Han Se Kyung as a break up present. Apparently the whole random break up thing happens frequently in their relationship because she just went on like "haha yeah right. That's cute."  Then after her constant calling and showing up at her house, to emphasize the seriousness of his decision he burns up some important relationship mementos and goes on a rant about how two low class people have no real future together..blah....blah...blah. cue the waterworks.
I-Think-I'm-Sexy Smile......#FAIL

Is this drama as predictable to you as it is for me? Coz I can already connect the dots. The first two episodes I won't lie were good. The plot was moving at a steady pace, the individual character build up was pretty good for the main characters and the locations were just lovely. The "tear Jerker" parts though were kind of lacking. Maybe its because Moon Geun Young is young, I don't know. When she was crying her eyes out it didn't make me want to join in (like Yoon Eun Hye in "I Miss You".) She's my favorite actress, not because she's the best, but her versatility. I LOVED her in Cinderella sister. She had me crying my eyes out in that drama. I definitely prefer her serious bitchy roles to her preppy girly ones.  I'm not a fan of either of the two guys so option 3 needs to hurry up and appear.
Even though the plot of this drama is the same plot used for all romantic comedies has been done before, it has me curious. We already know the two are gonna end up together, what has me curious right not is seo yeon foot's sister in law. I want to know her deal. I hope she has a bigger part in this rather than just a pretty extra. We'll see next week.
Random Question,
Am I the only one who wonder how these characters that are supposedly poor can afford freaking smart phones? Like the phone plans in Korea must be really good. Also, when is Korea gonna get sick of these repetitive ol plots in there Rom coms. I mean seriously, whats the fun in starting a drama series knowing who she's gonna pick in the end.


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