Monday, December 17, 2012

Cheongdamdong Alice: They Finally Got It Right!

Am I the only one who was holding my breath during this scene?

So I had my doubts about this drama in the beginning. I thought it was gonna be another dumb love story about a poor girl falling in love with a rich we haven't had enough of those (Boys Over Flower, Lie To Me, Shining inheritance, King 2 Hearts, Secret Garden, Full House, Protect The Boss....You catch my drift) However, I was wrong. This story is actually quite unique. In most dramas there's always that gold digger, bitchy character that had to sleep her way to the top or do  something equally sleazy to acquire her status. There's never been a drama about that whore's road to the top, and I have to say...
It seems like a loooong crazy road.
So I fell in love with this drama after episode 4. They got me good. You should have seen me waiting for this weeks episode to be at least 80% subbed. I was on the verge of cussing out the lovely (hard working and greatly appreciated) subbers at Viki. Then on Sunday morning I found time( right before to watch the first 30 mins. I swear I felt like an addict who finally got their fix after going through the first stages of withdrawal  This weeks episodes were soo good. I cant wait to see how this story will unfold. I honestly have no predictions about how its going to happen. I just know its going to be good.
In the beginning, I said that I didn't think Cha Seung Jo was good looking, but as I was watching episode 5, I was like OMG this guy is just too sweet. The way he fawns over every little thing Han Se Kyung does..its too cute. Then towards the end I was like, "Whaaa...his voice is deep. mmm that's kinda sexy." Then in episode 6, when him and Han Se kept having 'aww' moments I was like "Han Se, you lucky whore! You caught a good one and you don't even know it." I swear throughout the whole thing I was squealing like a little piggy. But when the alcohol tent scene came up..I was like Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeep! When she pushed him away, as much as I love Moon Geun Young, I wanted to sic a bunch of rabid hyena's on her. How dare she! If that was me....mmm. This would be a whole different drama.
There's a few things I love about this drama. Off the bat, the awesome and highly unique plot line is great. I love the fact that its delivering exactly what I've been praying for in the Rom-Com department. Their love story is just soooo effin cute. I love watching those Rom-Com's that make me wish I was that main character. Or say "Dang, I wish a guy would do that for me." Those are the best. I'm already in love with this drama, I cant wait for more episodes.


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