Monday, December 3, 2012

JYJ Drama Finally Over

After 3 whole years, SM have stopped being bitches to JYJ and they've both reached a mutual  agreement to stop the lawsuits. Thank goodness. The future possibility of a DBSK reunion may still be bleak but hopefully JYJ can now perform in Korea without the BS they've had to endure from being replaced at events with SM artists to getting cut out of broadcasts.
This whole situation showed alot of people one of the major downsides of the kpop music industry. Ridiculous contracts drawn up by greedy, controlling executives. These guys had a golden group in their hands and they took extreme advantage of them and hopefully they pay the price for all that the 5 guys of DBSK and who knows how many other SM artists have been through. Though i do wonder how Yunho and Changmin are getting treated these days. Granted after the debacle began some singers contracts in the industry were reduced to the normal 5 years.
I understand its a business and its their job to be entertainers the same way normal folk go to work 5/6 days a week( to still come back home to be broke after paying bills) full time classes or managing children and get less than 5 hours of rest. But these guys weren't even getting paid for what they worked so hard for and they got schemed even more than just a way lighter than usual paycheck and they had to still deliver to waiting fans after all the BS.

For the whole industry, there comes a point where as a kpop fan you look at kpop singers (hate the term idol) falling asleep on shows and/or passing out, getting assaulted by sasaengs etc and you realize instead of begging for more how about we appreciate the stuff they give us, which is alot. I'm always worried to hear how someone like Lee Joon is doing 2 or 3 different ongoing variety shows is filming 2 drama's and yes still has to be active for most of the projects MBLAQ has to do including end of the year awards rehearsals, variety, interviews and an upcoming album. Or how BAP have been promoting constantly since they debuted even clearly seeing them in the same clothes as they go from one show to another then as a "vacation" they only get a week. These singers need to breathe and just experience life completely freely for atleast a  couple months so that they can come back inspired and energized. A human body can only handle so much stress no matter what kind of job its being put through.

I was so glad to hear that Sunye of Wondergirls is getting married in January and JYPE is giving her time to be a married woman and will have the rest of the girls do other stuff like solo albums or acting. What the future holds for her in the industry is to be determined (hopefully she does get a chance to comeback if she wants) but atleast she's getting time to  live her life.
This is the main thing i keep wishing for the singers who are songwriters like JYJ, GD, Bang Yongguk etc they need to take a break, see the world and other people outside their kpop circle to get inspiration to make the great songs we love to hear or we'll just end up with crazy songs such as Crayon and Crash. But seriously i wish the best for JYJ, TVXQ and Sunye and all kpop singers whether i like them or not. Because their life may look glamorous but they work just as hard or even harder than our unglamorous selves and as we look to them as our escape from life shouldn't they have a great escape from their hectic life.


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