Sunday, December 2, 2012

For those Vampire Diary fans...

Ok. I know this isn't the place to be talking about Vampire Diaries, but I have to. This show is just getting so damn good. At first I was excited to see that Elena would finally stop being a lame, whiny pansy and become a Vamp. Then she turned and I guess her pansyness got multiplied and she was just crying all the time. She was cool for half a second when she killed the vamp hunter...but she quickly reverted back to lame cry baby Elena. I personally still think Elena is a waste of space and I want them to bring back Katherine or Rebecca, who are actual freaking vampires. anyways. I hate Elena's guts.

So in this weeks episode (S4 Ep7: My Brothers Keeper), a lot of stuff happened. OMG. First apparently the more vampires Jeremy kills, the more he loses his humanity. So Stefan, who recently got dumped, makes a new vampire just so jeremy can kill him. His goal is apparently to turn Elena back to her old self. FAIL. I have NEVER, NEVER NEVER been a fan of Stefan & Elena. Its not even that he doesn't look good, it's just that good boy, boy scout image. It doesn't make him sexy at all. That relationship has exceeded its pansy limit.
Anyways Jeremy kills the vamp, goes all extreme vamp hunter and tries to kill Elena. She eventually ends up moving out...and in with Damon:-) I know i'm not the only one in the last episode that was screaming "YES!!", "OMG!!",  "FINALLY!!!", at the television. Nobody knows how long i've been waiting for Damon and Elena to hook up. I feel like he is the Ying to her Yang. He is just all sexy, hot fine piece of mmm mmm mmm... that man looks to good for words. He is just what pansy ass Elena needs. All those times in the past episodes when Damon was always left with the broken heart I felt so bad for him.

Now he finally gets his turn. When he pulled her in for that kiss at the end I died. I've been waiting so long for it. One thing that is pissing me the hell off though, is why the hell is it that now when Elena finally chooses Damon, she's not in her right mind. She choose Damon cause she's sired to him. ARE YOU KIDDING ME?! Poor Damon. I can already sense the heartbreak thats coming. I see where there going with this and I don't like this. I don't like this one bit. Eff Stefan and Elena. We've been tormented by their "epic love" for FOUR FREAKIN SEASONS! Can't we atleast get ONE Damon & Elena? When Damon and Elena scenes come on i'm freaking melting. Damon melts my heart he looks so good. And that whole i'm a bad boy with a good heart, but won't hesitate to rip your heart out. Yum. I can't wait to see whats gonna happen next.

Also, one odd couple that I like are Caroline and Klaus. They are just too cute together. I'm kind of getting sick of Tyler. Its about time he got kicked to the curb. Oh yea, and I guess Gabby Douglas was in this episode....who knew. I honestly didn't even notice her.


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