Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Rookie Review: EXID

EXID was originally a six member groups formed by, Dami, Yuzi, LE, Hani, Haeryung and Junghwa. They made their debut in February 16th with the single HOLLA and the title song, "Whoz that girl."
 First time I heard the song, I hated it. It just didn't pull me in. At all. The first thing that caught my eye (me being a former dedicated Blackjack) was that they used the creepy looking guy from 2NE1's "It Hurts" video. The second thing I noticed was that the rapper looked like she tried her best (but failed) to put together a CL
costume. That't not the artists fault though. AB Entertainment should have known that rookies get judged the harshest and should have done every thing in their power to steer away from looking a sounding like any other group.#FAIL

Watching the video now as a kind-of-blackjack, with a lot more of an open mind about k-pop, I have to say that the song is still not a good song. The one thing, or person, that stuck out to me both the first time i watched the video and now is Yuzi. She has that star quality that idols like CL, Hyorin and Hyosung have. Not only is her voice very pleasant to listen to, she is beautiful. She worked that video. She didn't try to hard, like whoever that was that did the dance break. Man..that was bad. It wasnt event that her dancing was bad, she just didn't hit it as hard as she should have. She needs lessons from Minzy of Zinger.  The biggest mistake they made was letting Yuzi walk away.

On August 15th, after adding two new who cares about their names members, they came back with a mini album HIPPITY HOP. They title track was,"I Feel Good." I loved this song sooo much! It was such a cool free song. To this day I have that song on my personal playlist and every time it comes on i'm jumping around like a damn fool yellin "I.I.I.I Feel. GOOOOD" The video was so fun. And i Love LE. In this video she was completely herself with her own look. Its just awesome. Sadly she, like most female k-pop rappers will always and forever be standing in CL's big shadow.

A little after "I Feel Good," they released "Every Night." This was such a good song. As soon as I heard the first 30 seconds I knew I was going to love this song. LE just keeps impressing me. All the girls vocals were so good. I have to give it to JungHwa. She sang her butt off. When I heard that this song was a remake I was excited. The original song "Call" is even better. It is sooooo awesome. I love the "baby your so deep" part. It melts my heart every time. As for the video for everynight........the outfits are cute.

EXID will definitely be around for a while. They started off kind of bumpy, but managed to find their own path. I have high hopes for this group. Out of all of the many rookies who debuted this year they are definitely somewhere in the top half. I can't wait to hear more from them


Anonymous said...

Lol. I personally hate LE. She's ugly and she cant rap. I wouldnt even compare her to CL. She's nowhere near her level.

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