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And The Award For Most Depressing Drama Goes To...

                                                   Drama Recap & Review                                                                                                            
**Spoiler Alert**


{ The recap is pretty long so you can skip to the bottom for the review}

The new drama I Miss You began airing on November 7th. Everyone (including myself) has been waiting to see what Eun Hye was gonna do next. I loved Coffee Shop Prince and Lie to Me, but i'm excited to see her take on a more serious role.
The first four episodes of this drama were intense.  It starts out with our Main characters, Lee Soo Yeon and Han Jung Woo. Lee Soo Yeon is the daughter of a murderer and her whole neighborhood hates her. Her and her mom are constantly bullied and harassed everywhere they go. Han Jung Woo is a teenage boy who just returned from America and transfers to a Korean school. After seeing Soo Yeon in passing a few times he officially introduces himself when he sees her  in the neighborhood. And after some rough patches, he decides to become her first friend. When they take their friendship public, Soo Yeon and Jung Woo are bullied by their schoolmates, but they don’t care because they are together. Soo Yeon is so happy that she promises Jung Woo a present next time it rains.

 Meanwhile, Jung Woo’s father is after his grandfather’s fortune; and he begins with his step mom and Step brother. He kidnaps his step brother (who ends up escaping with the help of his mothers nurse) and locks up his step mom.
The detective who arrested Soo Yeon’s father stops by their house and decides to tell her mom the truth (that he arrested the wrong person) after witnessing the neighbors harassing them.  This then prompts her mom to decide to move in with him and his daughter. At first both families have a hard time adjusting, but they settle down and the detective invites Jung Woo over for dinner and they all have a blast.

The lady who’s locked up (Jung Woo’s Grandmother, I believe) tells the nurse the only way to silence Jung Woo’s father is to kidnap Jung Woo. So when it finally rains and Jung Woo is off to receive his present, he gets captured. Soo Yeon, who happens to witness the kidnap attempt, runs after the car and they stop and kidnap her too. When the two finally come to,  they find themselves in a strange warehouse and of course begin trying to escape. One of the captors notices them, comes in, and drags Soo Yeon away. She tries to fight back and he ends up beating and raping her right there in front of Jung Woo. After trying for so long, Jung Woo finally manages to get his hands free and escapes, leaving Soo Yeon behind. The kidnappers chase him in to some town where he calls his father and the police. When His father arrives one of the captors escapes but the other one gets caught. The whole time Jung Woo is crying, aaking someone to save Soo Yeon but his father sends him home. Soo Yeon also somehow escaped the warehouse. She ended up stumbling on to the road and almost got ran over by the Nurse and the little boy (who she’s met on several occasions.) The little boy convinces the nurse to pick her up.

 After the incident Jung Woo is in a state of shock and is filled with guilt and shame because he left Soo Yeon. Soo Yeon’s adopted father, the detective, quickly starts putting clues together as to where Soo Yeon could be. He searches the crime scene and tries to question Jung Woo but the family’s security guards send him away. He comes up with a creative tactic to arrest Jung Woo and then takes him to a quiet place where they talk about the kidnapping. After searching and searching evidence pops up that proclaims Soo Yeon is dead. Jung Woo, however, knows that the claim is false because he received a phone call from Soo Yeon right before he abandoned his father.

Now, for my opinion.

This drama honestly broke my heart. I found myself crying in so many episodes. The actors are so amazing. Especially the ones who play Soo Yeon and Jung Woo. I havent quite figured out the Dads story yet and the background of the money, but i'm sure we'll find out soon. My whole thing is with Jung Woo and Soo Yeon. When they were kidnapped their legs were clearly working just fine, so why the hell didn't they just get up and run? Why did Jung Woo struggle to slit his wrist (which should have killed him btw) to get away when he could have just stood the hell up? Even though I completely understand why he ran and didn't try and grab Soo Yeon too, its still messed up. This girl got kidnapped trying to save your non attentive ass, and you just leave her behind after she just got raped? Cold Blooded. 
My favorite character so far has to be the detective. He is on a mission and he is not letting anyone get in his way. I love it. Also. its funny how in the beginning of the drama Soo Yeons mom was watching her get beat up and sacrificing her to save her self and was even at one point, willing to abandon her, but as soon as she goes missing she's acting like mother of the year. I'm not saying that she shouldn't be sad her daughter is missing. Its just sad that it takes her daughter to be killed for her to show some type of motherly emotion. Anyways. This drama so far has me hooked, and i'm not going anywhere. I cant wait for Eun Hye to show up. 

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