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3 Reasons Innocent Man is THE BEST DRAMA EVER!


                                   **MAJOR SPOILER ALERT**   
The drama Innocent Man just aired its last episode on Thursday Novemeber 15th. The final episode (like the whole drama) was filled with so many "OMG" moments, and it truly did not disappoint. I thoroughly enjoyed watching this drama and here are my 3 reasons why.

1. Story
The plot of this drama is genius. The story is about a man, Kang Maru, who loves a girl, Han Jae Hee so much he gave up his freedom  and went to jail for her. Only when he went in, she dumped  him, hooked up with some old chaebol guy, had a son, and started a new family. Now only thing he wants is to move on with his life with his sister, and his friend, but his old flame just keeps popping back in to his life and messing things up. Finally he's had enough and decides to fight back; and he uses her step-daughter, Seo Eun Gi, to do it. Eventually this turns in to a messed up love triangle of sorts and the games just never end.
I loved this concept. I loved everything about the story. There was never  a slow moment in this drama. So many things happened in one episode. There was so much story, so many angles. I loved how at the end they would kind of foreshadow the next episode. Like at the end of ep 18 when Eun Gi's watching Jae Hee cry on Maru's shoulder and your thinking WTF happening? How did they get there? Whats going to happen? Also one part that was rather creative was the silent conversations he and Eun Gi had. I was screaming, "One of you idiots say something!!"
The drama started off good and just kept getting better.This plot of this drama shows just how cruel women can be and how someone can only be pushed so many times before they decide to push back. Kang Maru definitely started pushing back. Although you know, all this could have been avoided if he just used his head in the first episode. If your sister is on the floor on the verge of death. Why the F#$% would you leave her because the supposed love of your life called and told you to come running? Especially when on the phone she mentioned something about a dead guy. All you had to do was think logically. Obviously she's not in any harm because she's called you and had a very coherent conversation. She mentioned a dead body...hmm? Does it really sound like a good idea to leave my sister passed out on the floor, maybe on the verge of death, to go and help a very living and healthy person with her dead body? In that situation he should have said "Well Noona, as much as I would love to aid and abet whatever crime you've committed  my sister may also be on the verge of death so I'll just call 119 for you okay? Tell me what happened later Bye." ..............If only.

2. Actors
This Drama has one of the best cast. There was not even one weak actor. Everyone was so good and that made the drama so much better.First there's Kang Maru (Song Joong Ki)

He was one of my favorites in this drama. His Acting in this was soo good. There were several parts in the story when I honestly didn't know who he was going to choose or what he was going to do. He played his role well. I love how you could tell when he made his "plunge in to darkness" when he got rid of the nice guy hair. lol. He was definitely the most frustrating character in this drama. There was so many times he did something that made me want to cuss him out. Like when he dumped Eun Gi. No..I cant even call that dumping her. When he ripped the heart out of her chest, spit on it, doused it in gasoline and burned it. I was just like damn.

                                                              Seo Eun Gi (Moon Chae Won)

It actually took me a minute to realize that she was the girl in Shining Inheritance  The whole time in the beginning I was looking at her like hmm..then is when it clicked. Her acting has definitely gotten better. I'm glad they gave her a role with so much depth. Other than Kang Maru, she's the character I pitied throughout this drama. She's been this cold bitch for most of her life then she finally warms  up and gives her heart to someone only to find out that the guy was using her to get to her Step-mom. She damn near kills herself because of him, loses her memory and falls for him again; only to gain her memory and hate him again. I love how when she lost her memory they showed a softer side to Eun Gi. The part that's inside but she can;t really reveal because she doesn't want to be weak.
                                                                Han Jae Hee ( Park Si Yeon)

The Bitch we love to hate.
First time I watched this I was like, wow she looks like  Park Bom without plastic surgery. She's gorgeous  but I did not like her character. She played her part well and all but her character was weak. All the stuff she did was to keep her from going back to the "gutters" as she called it. At first I was watching this and I was like wow, this lady is no joke. She was constantly scheming and plotting and she always came out on top. Bus as soon as her minion turned on her, and started scaring the shit out of her, she turned soft on us. That's when I realized she was weak. I was a little disappointed at that. I wanted her to dispose of that creeper Lawyer Ahn. But instead she tried to run back to Maru. My dislike for her changed a little in the end when she did the right thing. But I still hate her.

Then there's the minor characters like Kang Choco (Lee Yoo-Bi), Park Jae Gil (Lee Kwang Soo), Han Jae Shik (Yang Ik Jun), Park Joon Ha (Lee Sang Yeob) and Ahn Min  Young (Kim Tae Hun).
 My favorite minors were Choco and Jae Gil. They were just too cute. I swear every time Choco said "Heol" I busted out laughing. Its not even how she says it. Its the look she gives you combined with how she says it. And Jae Gil was just funny throughout the whole thing. Ahn Min Young  and his creeper glasses pissed me the hell off. Especially what he did at the end. Throughout the whole thing he acted like he was Jae Hee's guard dog, then eventually realized that Han Jae Hee was a wimp and decided to do things his way.

3. Unpredictable-ness

Throughout my years of watching drama's I've always wished there was a drama out there was wasn't so obviously predictable. This drama was it.They add so many factors that make you question whats going to happen. I had a feeling he was going to choose Eun Gi in the end, but I wasn't 100% sure. There was one point where I thought he was going to run away with  Jae Hee. The unpredictability of this drama was that I didn't know what was going to happen next. I didn't know who was plotting what or doing what on the side. I definitely didn't see the memory loss thing coming. And the end..gosh. I definitely thought it was going to be a very sad ending. I had my tears all prepped up. But that ending was very unpredictable, and bittersweet. Kang Maru finally got his happiness, even though it wasn't completely how he wanted it. This is a drama that I wouldn't mind watching a third, fourth and fifth time. Shoot I want to own all 20 episodes so I can watch it again when i'm old with my kids. Everyone was great in this, and I cant wait to see what drama's the next actors will star in Next. I want to see more Choco!

Unsolved Mysteries
Why Was Eun Gi always so sick in the beginning?
Why did she say she was suprised she fell asleep in Kang Maru's car?
What happened to Tae San in the end?
Why did Eun Gi not question the fact that Maru was a murderer?
Did Eung Gi ever receive the hair tie Choco gave her?



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