Thursday, November 15, 2012

D-Unit Gets a Gangsta Makeover & Asks Us To Luv Them

Rookie group D-Unit recently made their comeback with Luv Me. I have to say it was a pretty awesome comeback. Their debut song was good, but not really memorable. This dope. Its a nice mixture of pop and a little hip hop with a funky instrumental. The video was okay. I actually liked the gangsta concept, they looked so cute. lol.
The plot however made not sense whatsoever. Apparently
Ujin is a vampire, and Wooram is like some type of scientist-vampire-creator chick. She watches Ujin bite the guy in the car, and then concocts something to wake up the other two sleeping vampires. After a bunch of dancing scenes and lame gun scenes, the bottles with her concoctions explode along with her television....W. T. F. What happens to the two awakened vamps? Why did the things explode? Is Wooram Zelo's lost sister? #Things that make you go hmm? 
 I definitely preferred the dance version. The choreography is great and they did awesome. Well Wooram did because that was the only person I was watching. 
 Wooram has some serious swag. Her dancing is so effortless. It's like when she's dancing she's saying "I don't have to try to hard, because I know i'm the shit." She must have learned a thing or two from her brother. The second one who stuck out to me was Ujin. She embodied the whole concept. She had this whole boyish swag going for her. There were some parts I felt she was a little weak, but for the most part she killed it too. The other girl ( I didn't bother to learn her name) really faded in to the background. She has a nice voice and everything but... that's about it. The scene with her in the room with the gun wallpaper and the two Asian dread heads cracked me up. Really? This is what we do when trying to act gangsta? Its funny how they put her in the most "Gangsta" room and she still failed. I guess that's why she had all the weapons. They had to give her something to make her stand out.
Anyways. Overall this is an awesome song and an awesome dance ver video.


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