Monday, November 19, 2012

Ailee Puts out Alicia Keys' Fire

Before you read anything please watch this video.

I've always had mixed feelings about Ailee. First she came out with Heaven which definitely put her on the map. Everyone was asking, "Whos this chick?" after her debut. I know i'm not the only one who immediately youtube'd all her covers and abused the replay button. One thing though that really bothered me was that it seemed like after Heaven when everyone was like, "WOW this chick can SANNNNNG!!" She got a little cocky. I watched some of the small concerts she held after that and she was just doing too much. Also, I personally feel that Hyorin is a better singer than Ailee...just throwing that out there.

The November 17th episode of Yoo Hee Yeol's Sketchbook featured Ailee. I havent gotten the chance to watch the whole episode yet, but I watched all ofher performances...with my jaw open. I've always been a huge fan of Crayon and she KILLED the song (in a good way.) I bet GD was watching that performance in Peru with a smile on his face. I'm definitely crossing my fingers for a Ailee, YG Collab in the near future. This girl is a one man band. All she had was a microphone and the track instrumental and she killed it. She is such a great performer. And even though she kept running out of breath, she killed the rap too. I swear this collab needs to happen. Papa YG, please hear our cries.
If any of you are in the US (and possibly Canada) then you too have been constantly hounded by Alicia Keys' new song.  Everywhere you turn there is some sort of ad about it, or one of the many versions of the song is playing on the radio. I hate this song. or at least I thought I hated the song, until Ailee sang it on Sketchbook. Then I realized what I hated was Alicia off keys constantly screeching in my ear. I don't know why she decided to choose that song as her title song (or even an album song)  knowing damn well she was gonna struggle to hit a majority of those notes. When Ailee hit the beginning of the chorus "...This girl is on fiiiireeeeee,"  I was like is what its supposed to sound like. The song to me is still a bad song, but when ailee sang it you don't even focus on that. Your just listening to her in awe, belt out all those lyrics. Alicia Keys needs to really step her game up. She's been at this for almost a decade. I think she needs to go and become a trainee under LOEN  for about a year then maybe she could sound like this chick.

PS: I am a huge fan of the old Alicia Keys, her songs are just timeless. but this new crap she's coming out with...gotta go.


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