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{REVIEW} Full House 2 Ep 1-10

This drama revolves around three main characters. Jang Man Ok (Hwang Jung Eum) is an Instructor at her Grandpa's Martial Arts Dojo. Her grandpa goes out of town and leaves her in charge of the school, and she turns it in to a clothing store of sorts. After a whole bunch of utterly ridiculous mistakes, her school ends up being temporarily shut down and she ends up with a very hefty debt to pay; her famous new friend gives her a not-so-simple solution to fix her problem. On the other hand, Lee Tae Ik (No Min Woo) and Won Kang Hwi (Park Ki Woong) and two idols in the famous group Take One. They have a hate-hate relationship and find themselves constantly competing over everything. Lee Tae Ik, who is snobby and up tight, is a lot less popular than the down-to-earth, and fashionable Kang Won Hwi.

REVIEW *Spoiler Alert*
So, it’s hard for me to watch this and not compare it to the first one. I LOVED Full House. I loved the contrast between the two main guys. One (Kim Sung Soo) was tall-sexy-fine and all MAN and the other (Rain) was just cute. The lead girl was awesome and adorably annoying and the “other girl” was just a straight up bitch. Before I even clicked on the first episode of Full House 2, I saw the promo pic(the one above)… and I was already somewhat disappointed.  This is a very “meh” looking cast with really hideous hair.
 Lee Tae Ik is not bad looking, but my goodness that hair is soooo disturbing. I LALALALALA LOVED him in My Girlfriend is a Gumiho, and even rooted for him and the gumiho at times. He was just sexy and bad ass there as opposed to his girly bitchyness here. I have to say though that he has a damn good body. Every time in the drama when he's changing and they slow-mo it a little, i'm like YES!^_^.

 The second lead male is Won Kang Hwi. I like him. He’s not really
in your face hot, but I have a feeling he’s one of those characters who’s looks will grow on you throughout the drama. Right now I'm like “eeeeeeh, he’s aiiiiiiiight.” But I know later I’ll be screaming at my computer screen,“JANG MAN OK YOU BETTER PICK HIS ASS!!!”
As for Jang Man Ok, I can’t really say much about her except, get with the times....please. She’s such a pretty girl but that perm on her gosh. I cringe every time. Especially when she had that ridiculous outfit made of the teddy bear neckline. I died. I am honestly having a really hard time looking past all the ugly hairstyles in this drama. Every time is see Man Ok and Tae Ik I just wanna hit them with my flat iron. I mean Tae Ik had his redeeming moment during the concert when he straightened that curly mess and he was actually hot…like really hot; But that moment for me was this..

 They definitely lost cool points for this guy on guy action. I can’t get with that program…I just can’t. I don’t know what it is with fan girls finding two hot male idols kissing sexy…I don’t.
This drama started off real slow. Usually in most dramas (Like Faith) your like OMG I can't wait for the next episode. But this one I was like, "Its Monday...Damn, Faith just finished"............*5 hrs later*  "I guess I can watch the next Ep of Full House 2."
Not only did it have a really slow start, it was also filled with many," are you kidding me" moments. Jang Man Ok met TWO super famous idols in one day? Really? If that's how it is in Korea, then i'm definitely in the wrong country. When that ajumma and her sketchy looking friend with a fro (that should have been her first warning ) came up to her asking to rent her Dojo, I cant believe she just blindly agreed. Anybody with two eyeballs and half a brain could tell that there was something off about this man. That whole 3rd episode my face was just in my palm. I love Man Ok's Fan girl best friend. Her fan girl moments are just too funny.

  As the drama goes on I see Tae Ik  growing fond of Man Ok with all the little nice things she does for him. Their big moment was when they both punched that important guy and then after a series of really utterly completely stupid events they get stranded and their only shelter was Tae Ik's trailer. He forces her to sleep outside then after stalkishly watching her sleep he changes his mind and carries her inside to his bed ^_^ sleep. I'm a little more interested in Kang Hwi's story though. I think it has a little more depth. When they showed the flashback of him as a kid and of how he got his accident, that pulled at my heartstrings a little bit. But honestly, that scandal of his was easily avoidable. Why on earth would you accept a drink from someone who you know hates you?  And I don't think LJ knew what he was doing when he fired Kang Hwi. Kang Hwi has more than half the fans in the duo, did he really think that they would just be quiet about him being fired?
The drama is definitely getting better, but only by much. I am absolutely against the "curly twins" relationship. I'm so sick of the predictability in K-dramas. Why does the girl always have to end up with the main guy? How lame is it that we start off the drama knowing who she's gonna choose? Hopefully i'm wrong, but I doubt it.

Heres a clip of (what it seems like) the only song TAKE ONE has. This song has absolutely grown on me.

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