Wednesday, November 28, 2012

{REVIEW} Lee Hi 'Scarecrow'

After blessing us with the sassy, jazzy single ""  Lee Hayi, unnecessarily dubbed Lee Hi, follows up with "Scarecrow" an R&B ballad written by JYP and originally meant as Bom's solo debut.
As much as i was excited about hearing the JYG collaboration, it wasn't a stand out as i would have hoped it to be. Maybe that is why he didn't write songs for his own KPOP Star artists.

The song tells of a girl who lost her first love, is lonely and can't move on. While it is a sweet song that she sang very well, it sounds more like a song she would have sang on KPOP Star rather than her own song. She didn't own it. Its just not a memorable song and though the "choir" breaks up the monotony of the song, they throw off the sound. Hopefully her album, whenever it comes out, has a great ballad that induces goosebumps because i was impressed with her voice in Epik High's Bad 2.0 Its Cold.


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