Tuesday, November 13, 2012

{REVIEW} Independent Woman Pt. 3

         TRACK LIST
01 I Don't Need A Man
02 Ma Style 
03 If I Were a Boy
04 Madness 

05 Time's Up 

Miss A made their comeback about a month ago with the release of  "I Don't Need A Man," and their single, a tribute to Destiny's Child, Independent Women Pt.3. I have to say JYP hit the money with this concept. Its one that(to my knowledge) hasn't even been touched in K-pop.

1. I Don't Need A Man
Their video for I Don't Need A Man was sooo AWESOME! I love it. This was such a great comeback song to wrap the year up. Its a nice fun song, that's so catchy and sends out a great message. The video was really creative with all its hidden meanings and i'm soo happy Min finally got a rap; she has so much swag. Jia KILLED both the rap and the dance, and Fei was just so so gorgeous. was alright. She had moments when she wasn't completely forgotten:-) I kid. I kid. Though i'm not a fan of her, I have to say that her mustache scene was too cute. I love the fact that they went for a more simple dance this time. Overall they all looked gorgeous in the video, the concept was awesome, the song rocked my socks and Fei is still the fairest of them is the video if you have been living in a cave. haven't checked it out.

2. Ma Style
This song wasn't a bad song, but it didn't make me go "OMG I have to get this."  It was a nice typical K-pop song. There was nothing that really stood out about the song other than Jia. She's
the only one (to me) who has a voice that sets her apart from the others. She has a very unique sound and her singing has gotten so much better. The rap in this was just so-so. It was just an overall average song.

3. If I Were A Boy
This is a great song to me. First time I saw this song on their tracklist I was a little disappointed cause i thought there were doing a Beyonce cover. Thank God I was wrong. I love the mellow melody of this and Min and Suzy's smooth vocals in chorus.. The overall feel of it is just nice and mellow. I'm glad they didn't put a rap in this song because it would have definitely ruined it. I'm a tad bit disappointed with the choreography though. I feel like they should have just used canes instead of recycling the wonder girls "nobody" mics.

4. Madness ft Taecyeon
THIS. SONG. IS. SLFJLSIFUIDFSKLASFJASIF!! The first time I heard this song, scratch that, after I heard the first verse and chorus, I was in love. All the vocals are so good in this song. I wish I could tell all of them apart instead of just Jia.  The lyrics to this song are so deep. Its basically about being so in love with someone they become a part of you and once the relationship ends you're left in a stand-still. You know that you need to move one, but you don't want to let go and erase that love because you feel like you will be letting go of a part of yourself. You lost a part of you, and because of that you begin to question your identity as a whole.  Its about loving someone to the point of madness. The song is truly genius. I wish I could hear sexy-Taecyeon more. I had to listen to the song twice to realize that he was actually featured. I thought maybe they made a typo. The song has a nice eerie feel to it...maybe its just me. I can already picture the video. This video to me seems like it would be a stalker video. Like miss A are all sitting around the house of some lucky guy. Some are up in the trees, some are in the bushes, Jia seems like she'd be the bold one just looking through the window, not even trying to hide. And the whole time their singing creeping in to the house, getting closer and closer. By the end of the song they're in his room while hes asleep, singing, "I need your love, i'm going crazy my love, and I feel the madness in me, i'm a mess, i need loooove." lol. Then at the end of the song when they do that  "whooooo" all ghost like their going to be at his bedside singing it.
JYP you're more than welcome to use my idea, just please credit me:-)

5. Times up
Honestly. I love Miss A. I do. But this song was painful to sit through. The first time I listened to the album I stopped this song after 30 seconds. I can't deal with all the busyness of the instrumental. There's so much going on with the beat, and the song itself is whack. I didn't even bother to look up the definition of the lyrics. My favorite part of the song it when they say "Bye bye bye bye" and the beat stops.

I love Miss A. This was a fantastic comeback and I cant wait to hear what they're going to do next.

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