Wednesday, November 21, 2012


LOEN has been teasing us all week about SPICA's next song and today Touch...ahem..Alone, I mean Lonely was released lol, I kid, I kid.
This song is a very Pop Dancey song, with a semi catchy chorus. When I first saw the teasers the first thing that popped in my mind was Miss A's Touch video. Then I kept watching and noticed Sistar' butt dance and kinda identical outfits. I was a bit thrown off by these similarities because SPICA's concepts and songs have always been so unique. The song isn't necessarily a bad song, its just a let down. Also is it just me or does it sound like their saying "love me" instead of "lonely".
This video had no plot, it was just filled with dancing and individual shots of the members. Its a nice video, though the dancing is a bit plain for SPICA, who are awesome dancers. I'd expect this from one of those talentlesss T-ara,uncoordinated groups SNSD. I honestly thought they were a group above the butt dancing but I guess I was wrong. This concept was a sexy concept and I think the only ones who passed were Boa and BoHyung.  Boa is very unique looking. She's pretty in a very edgy type of way and that white hair..OMG. It works for her. Alittle better than it did for Jia. Bohyung is just gorgeous. I'm glad they finally stopped experimenting with her hair and stuck to her natural dark hair. She looks greats in the video. She was the one that stuck out the most to me. And her voice is lovely.
I don't like the rapper at all. It seems like she's so dead. She has no passion at all when she raps. She has no attitude. She's so forgettable. The other three girls in the group don't really do much for me. Yea, they're good (except the rapper, she sucks) but to me they're just extras. Their job is to make Boa & Bohyung look good.
I know there going to be many complaints that this videos concept copies such and such. I thought the same thing too when I first saw the teaser. However after watching the video, (personal feelings aside) whoop-dee freaking doo, they both have red dresses on and long "sexy" skirts. I feel like if you look at any Kpop video close enough your going to find similarities to another one. I'm a little disappointed by this neverleft comeback song. I was expecting something a little better than this. I personally don't like this song, but I know if I listen to it long enough its going to grow on me.


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