Monday, February 4, 2013

Goodbye School 2013..Hopefully You'll Be Back

This past week the Drama world said goodbye to yet another awesome drama. School 2013 was a KBS2 drama that revolved around High School life in Korea; lonely bullies who are just crying for attention, strenuous studying, crazy issues at home, awkward parent involvements etc etc. The thing that killed me was there was NO REAL ROMANCE!!! WHAT....THE....FUDGECAKE!

Okay lets start with the positives. I loved watching this drama because I got the feel of what Highschool in Korea is like. I liked the realism of it. This drama actually started out real boring for me. But after episode 3, I favoring some characters and detesting others (Oh Jung ho.) Goo Nam Soon (Lee Jong Suk)was a great lead character. He has such a great likability, its really hard to hate him. There's just something about him; he's not a crazy-hot-damn-he's-fine kind of guy, he's just cute. He has a cute smile and a little cute hair cute and lots of charm. Song Ha Kyung, (Park Se Young) I am really impressed with. Last year she starred in one of my favorite drama's, Faith. The roles are two completely different roles and she was awesome in both of them. That is an actor. I love seeing actors choose different roles, and different genre's not the same 'ol boring crap. She was great. She really exhibited what a teenager her age would be feeling. I love how they kept it real. How she was jealous of Kang Joo even though that was her best friend.
Omg. Kang Joo (Hyo Young), had to be my favorite character. I can't believe she's an idol. Wow. She's such a natural at acting. It took my a while to realize she was Hwa Youngs twin. Every time I looked at Kang Joo at quick flash of the 'We Were In Love' video popped in my head...the like an idiot I finally put it together. Man. Their mom must be the proudest mom in the world, 'cause damn these girls are talented. I'm not going to get in the the whole T-ara thing, but they lost a really good rapper. They were stupid to let her go. Now I hear Hwayoung is gonna try her hand at In American media, the whole twin thing has been used and abused and is getting really old; but I have yet to see a K-drama about twins, and would love to see what Korea would make of that concept. Lastly was Heung Soo. First time I saw him I thought, "Wow...this man has a really weird face." It took me a while to warm up to his character. I started to like him when all the tears between him and Nam Soon began, those scenes were my fav. There were times I thought if they were to just go ahead and kiss, I wouldn't have a problem with it because they were just too cute. I felt like I was watching a Rom-Com when it came to their scenes:  Boy likes girl. Girl likes boy too, but refuses to let it show. So Boy and Girl ignore each other, but when Boy is in Trouble, Girl quickly comes to His rescue. Boy then chooses to man up and confess and keep confessing until they slowly and awkwardly begin to show their true feelings to each other. In the end, they live happily ever after in love. Can you guess who the Boy is lol. 
A couple things I hated though, was the lack of romance. I mean aside from the non-romance Bromance. They teased us a couple times about Nam Soon and Ha Kyung but nothing really happened. And in one of the earlier episodes when Heung Soo was getting introduced he had a slight run in with Kang Joo and I swear I thought that was foreshadowing some great romance that was about to happen but...not. One thing that pissed me off was that this drama had the open ended-ness to go anywhere it wanted to go. This drama could have gone for 100 episodes if they really wanted. There was a million and one things they could have done with the drama, but instead they just stuck to making it the Oh Jung Ho show.  That, to me, was the most disappointing thing. You have to capacity and potential to soar and yet you just chose to hover a little bit. I HATED OH JUNG HO. I don't care about his pity-me story. I didn't like him. Throughout the whole thing someone was always trying to save him. If he really wanted to be saved he would have grabbed on the first, second or third time. His whole thing got annoying real quick. Also another thing I hated, was that random student in the classroom who kept inputting random English phrases.
Anyways, aside from Jung Ho's stupidity and the lack of romance this drama was a really great one. I do love me a good romance, but I have to admit that the Bromance sated that need a little bit. So if you get the chance check this drama out.


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