Monday, February 18, 2013

[Feb 18th] Weekly Obsessions

We came up with this idea to share our weekly obsessions with you at the end of the week; be it Music, Drama, Movie, Actor/Actress or Variety. There's so much to obsess about, so why not dish about it. 

Dainty's pick
1. Infinite H - Without You

I love this song. I love this video, and I Love Love Love this sub-unit. Recently, the most highly anticipated sub-units like 2Yoon and Sistar19, in my humble opinion,  have been flops. But Infinite-H, gives me a sense of hope for the rest of the many many more sub units to come. This beat and melody of this song reminds me of Old School Rap meets current Kpop. Its pure genius  Then you have Hoya and the other awkward-but-cute looking guy's smooth rapping over the beat; and the cherry on this
lovely masterpiece would be Zion-T's unique yet soothing vocals. The video is a blast of uniqueness (at least to me) It's colorful and just showcases their sexy. I've had this song on replay allllllll week! Am I the only one that thinks Dong Woo looks like Arsenio Halls long lost Asian son.

2. Flower Boy Next Door (Mostly Enrique)
How does this man manage to pull off looking both cute & sexy? One of the main reasons I love Flower Boy Next Door, is because of him. He has so much charisma and charm. The character he plays is such a lovable one, that even though he not the type of guy that makes you love him at first sight, sooner or later you will start falling for him. You just can't help it. I've been hooked on this drama all week eating up all the cuteness, comedy and romance. I love it when he gets serious. That's when his hotness starts showing.

Claud's pick
1. Heartstrings

When my friend recommended the drama for me, i just watched it because she and my sister hassle me about romantic dramas every week. I have watched plenty of first episodes of romantic dramas from those recommendations but this is one i liked and got past the first episode...and finished the whole drama in a weekend. And I don't usually do romantic dramas. This drama is about the always positive Traditional Korean Music student Gyu Won( The adorably gorgeous Park Shin Hye) granddaughter of a successful traditional musician who wants her to continue his legacy with her playing the gayageum. Gyu Won crosses paths with the popular Western Music student Lee Shin( Yonghwa of CNBLUE) who's the lead singer of a rock band called The Stupid and has girls following him everyday, though he couldn't care less about anything except his music and the dance teacher. Clearly from it being a romantic drama you already know how its going to end but i loved the realistic love story, the drama that always follows love stories and the music which made me appreciate the beauty of traditional Korean musical instruments. I'm also in love with Yonghwa's voice and cute Joon Hee(Minhyuk from CNBLUE).

2. Bang Yong guk- Sacramental Confession

For the end of last year we had suffered the unfortunate event of B.A.P going aegyo and wondered if they could recover from the shame. Rain Sound came out in January and revived them just a bit. Then last week Bang leaked this short song that i wish was a full song and it showed the fierce still exists. Its a very dark song that's different from his old work with Soul Connection, his solo/collab songs and B.A.P. The 80's horror movie like instrumental with added drum beat, fierce rapping backed by strong lyrics would have made this an awesome song already. What takes it to the next level is the sound effects which add more horror. The girl screaming, wolf howls, rain pouring, panting breaths, monster moan, floor creaking was used rhythmically and made this song brilliant. Then i love the distorted voice at the end which sounds very angry (definitely got my attention) and the song ends with a final scream. Why this wasn't on the album kills me. It deserves to be a single because its so different from anything in Kpop now and would have been great to literally shake up people.


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