Wednesday, February 27, 2013

[FEB 24th] Weekly Obsessions


1. Kpop Star
Wow. This season Kpop Star Audition definitely stepped it up. The potential talent is unbelievable. One of the two favorite performances that i'm totally obsessed with are the Chitty Chitty Bang Bang with Song Ha Ye, So Yeon and Mirim. They KILLED IT!

They looked and sounded like a real girl group...and then BoA went and messed them up by adding two unnecessary girls and let them keep a stupid name like YouU. The second performance is Like this by Raccon Boys. Wow. The whole performance was genius down to the ending with the JYP whisper. Those boys are like gold. I have no words to describe their awesomeness. Only thing I can say is; Debut. NOW! Here is where I stand currently in the competition; Raccon Boys, Icheona, Akdong, YouU, Brian Shin, Sujin, and so on...Who cares about the rest. Honestly, why the hell is Bang Yedan still in the competition.


1. Oh My School/ 100 points out of 100

This is a hilarious variety show that aired in 2010-2011 and only has 28 episodes. I wish it gets another season or something but i'm fine watching all of the episodes again. The hosts are Park Gyeong Rim, Park Myeong Su and H.O.T's Tony. The students are celebrites who are put through school like situations or just funny games. They change some student guests and add new ones each episode but some are regulars like Min from Miss A, Supreme Team Simon D, FT Island Hongki, Shinee's Minho, Rainbow Jaekyung, SG Wannabe Seokhun, MBLAQ's Lee Joon, B2ST Yoseob etc. Some one/couple time guests that i wish stayed were Jung Juri, Super Junior Eunhyeuk and Heechul, Shinee Key and Onew, and Joon's mom lol. I really wish Jung Juri would have come back. She has to be the most hilarious lady in Korean television. Favorite moments have to be when Heechul pawned a couple guys in Fix it game and no one could beat his stories and just him in that whole episode.

2. SHINee

 I remember the first time seeing them was in Lucifer in 2011 and all i saw was Taemin's hair and the dance beat and i stopped it. At that time i swore i'd never like any Kpop boy group because of the feminine looks and pop music and i thought 2ne1 would be the only group as a whole i'd listen to since they tend to have a more hip hop energy to their songs(very close minded of me). On my mp3 now is about 70% boy group and my Shinee songs are steadily increasing as i listen to more of their full albums.
My new found love for SHINee came with them performing Sherlock in the MAMA's and then with me watching the video of Key performing 4minutes Muzik with Shindong, Joon and Mir on the 2009 Gayo Daejun. They all did a great job but Key stood out in that performance with his gorgeous face, dancing and  good rapping. As i listened to more Shinee i was surprised that he's equally a great rapper, singer and dancer. And Minho,Onew, Jonghyun and Taemin are also all very talented. They are one of the most well rounded kpop groups in terms of dancing, singing, rapping and stage performance. I love Onew's unique, beautiful tone of voice, Jonghyun's powerful vocals, Key and Minho's rapping and Taemins dancing and all of their singing. And they all perform with powerful energy that helps seal their spot as one of the top Kpop boy groups. My favorite songs so far are Quasimodo,Your name and Sherlock.
As i grow to learn more and more about them i wish i hadn't been close minded.  


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