Saturday, February 16, 2013

**Drama Update**

With the end of some of my favorite drama's some halfway decent ones  began. It's been a while since I commented on any drama, so I'm going to rush and talk about the ones i'm currently watching.

                                   Flower Boy Next Door

Oh My Goodness, I love this drama. Honestly, I was a little skeptical at first as to where they were going with the story and If I would like the direction; but after a few episodes of looking at Enrique's cute self, I was sold. The story is a little different then your average sappy romance. The main characters are all great actors. In the beginning I was rooting for Jin Rak, because I thought he was sexier, but Enrique grew on me, and I started rooting for him. I can't find any flaws with this drama, I definitely recommend it, If your in the mood for a nice Romantic Comedy.

A Hundred Year Inheritance

......Sigh. When I started watching this, I was really pulled in by the story line. We've all seen the drama's about the crazy mother who thinks her son is too precious to give away. But this is the first time I've watched a mom this crazy, and a son to weak to check his mother's actions. When this drama began I had good expectations for it. Then it went on...and she lost her memory....*SIGH*. You know what I think, when the writers of these dramas get writers block, they think, "hmmmm...eotoke.. eotoke.. eotoke.. AHA! I know what we can do Amnesia, You can never go wrong with amnesia." WRONG. Maybe that was the case 5 amnesia-drama's ago, but seriously? Another freaking drama about a girl that gets amnesia? I'm so over it. And then on top of that, why the heck are they showing us all these other subplots. There's so many different other stories going on, when all I care about is the main girl. I honestly skip through all the other stories that don't have to do with the main characters. Occasionally I watch the dad and his little Yang Madame, but everyone else can barely keep my attention for a minute, they are so boring. This drama has potential. I love the "star-crossed lovers" thing. She's married, and his heart isn't ready to love, but somehow they find themselves thinking about each other. I'm very curious to see how they finally get together.

Incarnation of Money

This drama caught me. Right when I saw the cast. I love Kang Ji Hwan (Lee Cha Don) He is the Handsomest cutest Grown-Sexy-and-100%-MAN actor. I also, just recently watched the female lead in Full House 2 and am very curious to see her play a serious role. I LOVED the first couple episodes. The main Bitchy character was awesome. I love to hate her. The kid actor was soo good!! All this BS just kept happening to him, and as sad as it was, he just kept bouncing back. and then...The Amnesia Bug struck again. Whomp..whomp..whomp. I really had high hopes for this drama. Honestly they lost me a little after the whole amnesia thing. He grew up and turned in to my sexy Kang Ji Hwan...but still, Even though I love looking at his Fine self, I found my self dozing off during episode 4. That's definitely not a good sign. I NEVER fall asleep during drama's. Hopefully the story picks up soon.


Anonymous said...

yup incarnation of money needs to do better because theres potential.i miss the lil boys cleverness so i want to see the adult Lee Chadon have that. i also wonder where the heck all that money in the beginning of the show is gonna go.

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