Monday, February 4, 2013

Sistar19 Comeback Review

After Ma Boy, I was a really huge fan and advocate for Sistar19. That was a very awesome song and video.  Now they are back again. They decided to turn the sexy dial up to the max, slow down the tempo a little bit  and made their comeback with 'Gone Not Around Any Longer'.

Starting with the video. I was eagerly anticipating the video....and was highly disappointed at the results. The video leaves a lot to be desired. Bora and Hyorin looked great in the video, but...that's about it. All you see is them scantly clad in various outfits. I get it Sistar is the "Legs" group, and I loved how they managed to incorporate the "Sexy Legs" aspects withthout going overboard. This time however...they went overboard. I wish the video showed some sort of story line instead of just short quick flashes of story in between Hyorin and Bora's  many many sexy shots. What the hell was the point of the shots at the end with the Hip Hop attire? Dancing all Hip Hoppy to a R&B song. #FAIL.
The dance (If you can even call it a dance) was a very lazy dance. The choreographer this time around really ran out of ideas so he just threw a bunch of slow movements together to match the tempo. And when that failed, he recycled some old Sistar dances. Shame. Shame. The reason people loved Ma  Boy was its odd blend of Cute and Sexy, the fun dance and the catchy song. They had over a year to come back with an equally great concept or better and failed. The editor couldn't even do his job and edit out Bora's wardorbe malfunction. I guess they thought if they gave us an overload of sexy, we wouldn't catch the sloppy editing. This whole video just screams rushed.
Nevertheless, I love the song. The lyrics of the song are very powerful, and the melody is nice; Slow, but not ballady.  Hyorin...Oh lovely Hyorin. She is my favorite vocalist and she didn't disappoint. Her voice is just touched by angels and every time I hear it, it soothes me. And when she belts out those crazy high notes..GAH! I get chills all over. Poor Bora.... This time around she got reduced video model.  A model with a few lines in the song. She's the visual behind sistar19 and Hyorin is the talent. I wish they would give Bora more raps in the song. Or at least some doo bee dooo bee dooo's in the background. She must really suck at singing lol.
A Girl In Love

This song is a really cute and fun song. Its more along the lines of Ma Boy. I loved listening to this song. I'm glad they put this song on the album. It's definitely not a release type song. I watched the live performance and had to shake my head. Hyorin was basically carrying the whole thing with absolutely no help from Bora. She was running out of breath, trying to sing while dancing while Bora sat there striking poses.

Overall, I'd have to rate their comeback as a good one. The two songs they have are really good songs. It doesn't matter how much I hate objectifying them to just their looks. Sex Sells. They realized that and they chose to capitalize on that. Thumbs up for them.


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