Monday, January 28, 2013

Han Se Kyung Should Have Gotten Kicked To the Curb, Right?

 Cheongdamdong Alice aired it's last episode yesterday. Wow. This drama was crazy. So, in a nutshell, Its about a nice girl who's tired of finishing last and of getting stomped on, so she decides that she wants to move on up to the east side (Cheongdamdong). Enter Cha Seung Jo (aka White rabbit#2.)
A rich CEO who ends up falling for our little dreamer. She's hit the jackpot. In order to completely achieve her goal she rounds up her little crew to make sure that her nefarious plans go well.  There's a lot more in between the lines, but that's the gist.
As I was watching this drama, I became so amazed by the plot. This is one drama I can honestly say was unpredictable. How can you possibly have a happy ending when you find out that the woman your'e in love with initially approached you because you were rich? Yes, some may argue that she liked Secretary Kim long before she found out his true identity, but still. After she knew the truth she intentionally lied to him. Boy, when she wrote that letter explaining to him why she can't love him, that pissed me off. For about forty five minutes, I hated Moon Geun Young. Cha Seung Jo sat there feeling all guilty and what not about lying about his identity and here this gold digging tramp is, not only does she know the truth, but she's using that truth to toy with this man's feelings. HOW DO YOU FORGIVE ALL THAT?!? 
Maybe in the perfect world of K-drama, yes. But in real life, HELL NO! There's no excuse for that. You can't tell me that our whole relationship was built on deceit and wrap some crappy excuse of a bow around it and expect me to just accept it with a smile. Bullshit. If any real man was put in Cha Seung Jo's position they would have kicked Han Se Kyung to the curb without a second thought about it. I'm a little upset that they reconciled. I feel like they ended it that way to put a smile on all the drama-watching-romantics. I, too, would usually be lumped in to that category, but not this time. 
Another thing that got me....was that ending kiss. Maybe because I was completely against them getting back together, but I felt like the kiss wasn't romantic. And that 360 spinning cam wasn't helping either. Why was Cha Seung Jo doing all the head turning? It looked like he was about to snap his neck trying to go in for that kiss. Gosh. Not only is Han Se a gold digger, she a lazy one too. lol. 
Aside from all that, I'm really impressed with Moon Geun Young's acting. She has gotten exponentially better since Mary Stayed Out All Night. And she does evil so well. I love when she plays evil characters like in Cinderella's Sister.  Overall, this was a really good drama. Well plotted, excellent cast and great OST. I'm so in love with Daddy long legs by Baek Ah Yeon. It fit the scenes so perfectly. And although I thoroughly disagree with Seung Jo's choice to reconcile, I enjoyed watching this drama. I can't wait to see what Moon Geun Young is going to do next. 


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