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Girls Generation recently came out with an album and overall, it wasn't that bad. I'm not really the biggest Girls Generation fan; I actually think they are quite over rated. But still, I can't deny good music. So I wanted to check them out and see what all the hype was about and I wasn't as disappointed as I thought I was going to be. 
1. I Got A Boy

Okay. I hate to admit, but this song is actually kinda catchy. Well, the first 1:30 minutes is, and then Tiffany stops us and tries to put it down another way....which fails. I hate the chorus. Yes, its catchy, but I hate it.
Its like, they wanted to try this new sound, but were scared to go all out with it, so they combined a whole bunch of sounds to please different masses. Oi! SM.. Just Oi. Its like they were like, 'you know what instead of picking just one regular old song, were gonna mix 3.' It sounded really messy. Another parts however that I thought was nice was the rap. In my opinion Hyoyeon and Yoona killed the rap. Who new GG could be so fierce? Well Hyoyeon was, Yoona was just cute. Then after the rap, the song just flat lines. It plummets down to SKIP. The video is cool and vibrant and girly, filled with a lot of "cleverly" put advertisements and crazy sets. I think they tried a little too hard to make this Comeback a special one.  The whole thing just screams, 'ooh ooh  look at us were Girls Generation.' I loved certain parts and despised the rest.

2. Dancing Queen

I love this track! Its so funky, groovy, snazzy, and hip. lol. The video (which was shot five botox shots ago) was great and refreshing. I am still in love with the white shirt and Levi shot, I think that idea was just genius  The song itself is a fun completely fun track. Of course its a good song. They ripped off an epic song. I give them props for coming up with the idea: Take an epic instrumental and make a song from it. They knew it was a good idea, that's probably why they struggled with copyright issues when they tried to debut with it. It was too easy. Its basically piggy backing on the success of the original, and Duffy was like hell no. I give this song 4 stars. It lost one star for lack of originality lol.

3. Baby, Maybe

This song is one of the best in the album. Its so cute, but not scary cute. It's kinda like Sistar's Loving You in that aspect. The song is about loving someone so much and just wanting to share it with the world. This song just gives me the fuzzies. Its really cute and great and I will most definitely be adding this to my playlist.
Girls' Generation - Baby Maybe by Lexie.Red

4. Talk Talk

There's nothing special about this song; its just okay. However, I find that the more I listen to this song, the more annoying it gets. The song is about a a boy who's trying to woo you with little things and the you're  telling him about how your hearts is cold and all the BS just bounces right off. He has to try harder to win your heart. This song is ultra poppy, and lacks depth. The beat is very generic. Sounds a little like another old SNSD song..Taxi maybe?
Girls' Generation - Talk Talk (말해봐) by Lexie.Red

5. Promise

GAH! I LOVE THIS SONG! Definitely my favorite. I love this song so much!!! Who knew SNSD could create something so beautiful! All the vocals in this are so beautiful. I love the chorus. I didn't even need to look at the lyrics to feel and understand what the song was about; Its another sweet love song. All the powerful adlibs add an extra oompf to the knockout punch. This was a great song. I wish they would release mellow songs like this one and Baby, Maybe for their Korean Comebacks instead of trying to do all this edgy, poppy crap all the time.
Girls' Generation - Promise by Thanawat Peerathoranich

6. Express 999

I love the first chorus and bridge of this song. It just grabs me right from the first note.  Its sounds very 90's pop (which was awesome.)  But then the tempo speeds up and the chorus just loses me. I hate the chorus. It doesn't match the verse. If the verse would have been a slower tempo, I think this would be one of my favorite songs because I love the verses. Its like an ode to 90's music.
Girls' Generation - Express 999 by Lexie.Red

7. Lost in Love

This song is another favorite of mine. One of the main reasons I love this song is because it features the only two girls I like from this group; Tiffany and Taeyeon. Its stripped of all the bubble gum, and wannabe Electro pop crap. It's just simply down to the excellent vocals. This song also has depth. They sing and you can feel it.The lyrics are so are deep. I love the simple, smooth melody in the beginning. Its sounds like they used a xylophones and triangles or something in the background. Its really cool.
Girl's Generation - Lost In Love (유리아이) by Lexie.Red

8. Look At Me
      BIG FAT 0

Okay, right off the bat, the rap sucks. Why they would choose to begin a song with that whackness is beyond me. The beat, I admit, is pretty cool. I love the Indian influence.  And then the beat drops.....ooh lord. Emphasis on drops. What the F#&K was the producer thinking when he recorded this track and said "Okay thats a wrap." That chorus is soooooooooooo repulsive. It sounds like they just listened to a Girls Day song and thought, 'I wanna sound like that too!' Its such an epic fail. Leave it to Girls Day please. Every time I play it the non existent hairs on my back shoot out of their pores and stand up. OMG. Out of all the songs on this album, this song had the most potential but they dropped the ball...BIG TIME. If they would just GET RID OF THAT POPPY CRAP!!!! UGH! And this right here is why I(and a majority of Kpop lovers) avoid SNSD.
Girls' Generation - Look at Me by Lexie.Red

9. XYZ

......didnt I just hear this song....NEXT!
Girls' Generation - XYZ by Lexie.Red

10. Romantic St.

Cute. I like the beginning with the simple piano. It sounds very classic...Mary Poppins-ish. The song is okay. I honestly don't care about the song enough to look up the lyrics though. Its just a nice summery, picnic song. Not the worst one on the album, and not the best.
Girls' Generation - Romantic St. (낭만길) by Lexie.Red


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